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The DNA of Suite Resource

Suite Resource has a long history in design-build furniture and millwork. We love design-build because each project is unique and brings with it a new experience. We are tradesman who have spent time in the trenches building and installing with our own hands. Before any work begins, we look to the end user for every piece we are tasked to deliver. We know materials, we understand how to engineer, we can visualize needs to reverse engineer. We know how to build and understand the importance and necessity of trade coordination. We know installation logistics and challenges. With a tradesman perspective, and pride and appreciation for quality, we understand what the end results need to be, and how to produce those expectations.

The 5-Star Luxury L’Ermitage in Beverly Hills, and Anaheim’s 2019 Forbes star awarded 955 room Grand Californian are two examples of challenging deliverables, schedules and logistics that were overcome with Suite Resources early engineering, collaboration, and planning model. BRAND requirements for speed to market, luxury level quality, and guest satisfaction without disruption, I personally managed and delivered the guest room and public area furniture were managed and delivered flawlessly while each property remained open for business!


With eyes always focused on the details and excellence we will deliver your luxury hotel FF&E and millwork with proven success. Let us build this experience together!

Sean Gingras

Founder & CEO

As a tradesman in cabinetmaking for over 25 years I have always been passionate about delivering the best possible product to the end user. With a determination for quality, durability, and customer satisfaction we are taking our trade experience globally to educate and manage manufacturing where it continues to grow and able to meet the pace and growth in the global hospitality industry.


The vision behind Suite Resource is bringing a pre-development approach for millwork, FF&E, and anything else we can add to assist in your next renovation or development. We are that select service that owners and developers go to for early engagement and collaboration with their design team for solutions and deliverables. Why not work to reduce costs “budget to design” rather than the common VE exercises and delays. Why not combine millwork pieces with the same manufacturer for the FF&E, reducing costs, reducing lead times, and ensuring quality and consistency of materials and finishes. Why not get samples, drawings, engineering…integrated lighting, and long lead COM’s & model room production moving in conjunction with the early design concept (this alone can reduce 8+ weeks from the schedule) Why not work towards options for production (offshore Asia, offshore Europe, and domestic, costs, lead times, risks, benefits, etc.) Why not work towards early production release, storage, warehousing, and real time control over deliverables rather than risk shipping delays, unnecessary unacclimatized storage, and trade damage. 

Let's work together

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