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Pre-Development Collaboration

Our service for client interaction can be as simple as delivering on the vision, budget, and schedule already determined or playing an active role in assisting with the process. We find the earlier the collaboration, we can offer our trade experience with materials, budgeting, finishes, engineering, and logistics which lends to greater success for under budget and on time deliverables.


With furniture and millwork manufacturing having long lead times and being such a key part of the process, we find the earlier the engagement the better the results. 


Invite us in to listen to your needs so we can assist on the front end. We like to call this budgeting to the design and brand rather than changing the design or brand to meet the budget.


  • Engineering

  • Budgeting to design

  • Samples and mock-ups

  • Milestones and Scheduling

  • Value engineering

  • Planning

Furniture and Fixtures

Building furniture with material integration is what we do. We build with solid wood and veneer finishes, finished metals, upholstery, glass, acrylics, solid surface, stone, and decorative laminates.

  • Closets

  • Vanities

  • Headboards and bed frames

  • Desks

  • Dining, end, and coffee tables

  • Dressers

  • Nightstands

  • Chairs


We can accommodate and incorporate electrical and lighting. With equipment specifications we ensure all sizes and ventilation requirements are followed when integrated into the furniture.


Everything we build is custom from the start. We respect hotel owners, developers, and designers who aim to enhance their brand, tell a story, and create an impactful experience. Suite Resource aims to interactively deliver this full intent for every project. If you have a catalog pieces you like we can often build these same pieces at a fraction of their cost and give you the flexibility to alter finishes that align with the design intent.


In the millwork trade you must work backwards because ultimately the pieces being manufactured need to fit in the space they are designed for, this is most often accommodated with confirmed dimensions and millwork fillers. We have a proven track record in identifying the variables to reverse engineer millwork items and integrate them with our FF&E manufacturing.

  • Built in cabinets

  • Wall to wall Closets and vanities

  • Wall paneling

  • Custom cabinets 

  • Extended stay kitchenette cabinets

  • Architectural fixtures

When we combine these packages it not only lends to finish and quality consistency, but it also drastically reduce tiered item markup and overall project costs.

Soft Goods & Seating

​We offer soft-good seating, upholstered furniture, and upholstery integrated with the furniture pieces. The guts for all upholstery pieces are meet with the same oversight for construction and structural integrity throughout manufacturing.

  • Chairs

  • Ottomans

  • Sofas

  • Headboards


COM (customer own material) is a common practice with soft goods, all fabrics are supplied and shipped by the owner. Most COM fabrics can be costly, have long lead times, and there is the added cost of shipping to the upholstery manufacturing facility. We can accommodate this common practice but also offer through one of our manufacturers a signature line of fabrics at a fraction of the cost.


Other key benefits with the High-performance fabrics we offer are:

  • Superior stain repellency technology

  • FR treated (NFPA 260 and Cal 117)

  • 5-year warranty

  • Stocking program

  • Antimicrobial options

  • Custom colors available


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